Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection

When purchasing a property, it is typical to get a 'Building & Pest' Inspection done yet a pool is overlooked. It is legislation that the pool barrier is certified but knowing the condition the pool equipment and and the pool itself could save you thousands on unexpected repair bills just when you are ready to start swimming.

We can provide a written report with photos included.



  1. Pool pump - Check condition, size suitability, leaks, noise levels, lid and lint basket
  2. Chlorinator - Check condition, size suitability, salt cells and housing (if present), leaks, automatic chemical delivery system (if present)
  3. Pool filter - Check condition, size suitability, Check multiport valve (if present), leaks, cartridge condition (if present)
  4. Pool cleaner - Check condition of unit and power box if robotic cleaner, hose condition and fitting's
  5. Skimmer box - Check condition of box, weir door, basket, vacuum plate, deck lid.
  6. Main drain - Check condition and cover in place.
  7. Pool cleaning equipment - Check condition, telescopic pole, vacuum hose, leaf rake, pool broom and vacuum head.
  8. The pool wall & floor surface - Check for any cracks, stains, blackspot, osmosis visual inspection only.
  9. The pool coping/edge - Check for any cracks, loose tiles/paving sunken areas
  10. Waterline - Check for any cracks, damaged or missing tiles, staining and calcium deposits.
  11. Lights - Check operation.
  12. Return eyeballs - Check condition
  13. Water chemistry - Check levels for free & total chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabiliser (cyanuric acid), salt/minerals.
  14. Pool gate - While onsite we can check that the pool gate is compliant (this is not a pool safety inspection).
  15. CPR sign Sign meets current legislation (this is not a pool safety inspection).

All this peace of mind for only $149.00 inc GST

Our report is complete with photos and any recommendations of work required.

We can also provide any quotes if necessary.

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